Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There is no such thing as free bamboo.

I followed up on an ad on the craigslist for Free Bamboo a couple weeks ago. Was a lot more trouble than it was worth. The people wanted the place bulldozed with a shovel and landscaped for free, and not a leaf left behind. To top it off the bamboo ended up being on someone else's property. I cut for about 30 minutes and left after learning about the property lines. I planted my own grove 4 or 5 years ago, and it should be putting out some big shoots this year I hope.

Bambu Gratis...

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, saya menemukan iklan di craigslist.com tentang bambu, gratis! Tapi ternyata, dibandingkan dengan hasil yang saya dapat, perlu kerja keras..Pemiliknya menginginkan semua pohon-pohon bambu yang ada di halaman mereka ditebang hingga akarnya sekalian membersihkan halaman tersebut tanpa ada satupun daun bambu yang tersisa. Masalahnya, pohon-pohone itu ada di properti milik orang lain. Menyadari hal itu, saya menghabiskan 30 menit saja untuk menebang beberapa pohon bambu. 4 atau 5 tahun yang lalu saya menanam pohon ini, saya harap tahun ini mereka bakal tumbuh setinggi dan sebesar yang saya inginkan

Masalahnya, pohon-pohon bambu ini sekitar 40' tingginya sebelum dipotong menjadi dua bagian.
Ukuran rata-ratanya adalah 20'x1.5-2":

These were around 40' high before cutting in half.

Average Size is 20' x 1.5-2":


  1. Hi Joe, I just signed on to your blog via Chris Hall's, via TFGuild.
    Your tractor pic grabbed me - I have a 1959 Ford 671 (similar to the Ford N tractors).
    Nice pics of the cedar and your milling and tool boxes.
    I was surprised and pleased to read your post in Indonesian. I couldn't understand it all, but got some key words and some of the drift. I lived on Sumatra with my family 1959-60 when I was 9 & 10 yrs old. We lived in Rumbai, an oil camp town near Pakan Baru on the Siak River. My father worked for Caltex Oil Company. I loved it.
    I wish you and your wife success building your new TF house. I bet you'll enjoy it so much. I built myself a teahouse in 1984 in a cedar grove (Eastern Red) at the back of my property, and lived in it for 8 yrs 'til I moved into my new TF housein 1992. It's mostly a D Fir frame, enclosed w SIPs. I heat w wood. I'm in NY State, 1 hr north of NYC, near CT. I think I type to slowly to be an effective blogger, but a picture is worth a thousand words. For great bamboo info and contacts check out American Bamboo Society
    All for now.

  2. Thanks Steve, sorry I didn't see the comment earlier. My wife did the Indonesian, she is from Surabaya. I have tried to learn the language, but learning her Javanese dialect and slang has proven difficult. I can be polite and order food, and thats about it. Sumatra is supposedly very nice landscape, but they seem to get hit by every natural disaster that way(earthquakes galore). Thanks for the link, I haven't checked their website in years, it has grown a lot since then. I finally lucked up on some bamboo last week. I would like to see photos of your teahouse and home sometime.