Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bamboo Pens (Sumisashi)

I made bamboo pens (sumisashi) and ink/oil pots from some of the bamboo I cut last weekend. I bought 3 of the pens on ebay last year and paid $3-4 a piece for them. I found the ones readily available too narrow and short for me to hold comfortably, so several various sizes were made to try out. I made 75 tonight and must wait until they dry to finish them. I don't know of many sources for the sumisashi, and don't know of any sources of ink/oil pots, so I am going to try my luck at selling them once they are dried. I had a nice surprise in the mail today, 3 Japanese chisels from eBay. The two small ones (shoji chisels) were new old stock from a fellow Japanse Woodworking Forum member Sheets (thank you!). Some journey they had, Japan>England>Canada>Alabama, and thats just whats known. The big slick came from another person. It is slightly used and dwarfs my other slick, which is well used comparison.

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  1. Great work Joe they look great. I find the oil pots work better if they're short so they don't tip over when you use them. I use mine ti oil my saws or plunge my mortise chisel into when I'm mortising.